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The aim at Keyfex is Import and Export in the furniture sector. We aim to provide the best quality service to our customers and with the highest quality products. We aim to be fast , reliable and we are always open and want to innovate and stand out from the rest of the other import and export companies , this is our basic principle at Keyfex Keyfex Import Export is a young and professional company that is driven with the spirit of entrepreneurial skills that has high ambitions of growing and being the best.

Our goal is to not only to serve our customers wishes and demands. But we want to go beyond that and to give satisfaction to all our customers. .

  • To be focused to the target with the right informations.
  • Being principles and keep to the promises with the experiences.
  • Create and maintain to the criterias of success.
  • Reach to the perfection of customer-company relationships.
  • To feel the importance/urgency of the works, forward and conclude them together with auto control system.
  • Keep follow, implement and report to the innovations in the industry.
  • Well know to the functioning of system, implement and develop it.

Our Services

Image 1 Organization and Operation At Keyfex, we are aware, that customers can sometimes have had difficulties and problems tracking their orders and deliveries with other various suppliers. We have ten years of industry experience to deal against problems with difficulties of tracking orders and deliveries that customers have faced in the past with other suppliers.
Image 2 Logistic Support and Organization In the furniture industry, one of the biggest problems we face, are the delivery of the consignment of products to the customer in a healthy manner. We at Keyfex Import Export, wish to rectify that. We organize and provide the loading of all your orders with a highly experienced and professional team. With the demands and needs our customers expect. With our team, we coordinate and track the consignment up until the final stages of its operation.
Image 3 Project and Special Studies We at Keyfex import and export are aware of the ever-changing and evolving demands of our customers' needs with furniture and decorations. We deal with other furniture store operators from around the world to provide solutions to our all customer's immediate requirements. The projects can range from small to large scale solutions such as large hotel projects. We carry out the highest standards with our technical support and after-sales services to give customer satisfaction.
Image 4 Target Product Search and Recommend At Keyfex we search for new products and developments as it is an important for the needs and expectations of our rapidly changing and evolving customer needs. It is important to us that we adapt and evolve as fast as our customer needs and keep our standards high. Our knowledge with the ever changing value of products and we are aware how products can drop in value when the trends and fashion change and the profitability of the product is lost. One of the main reasons for this is of the competitive market that we are in and prices on old products change without notice against competition. It is important to us to be at the forefront of getting the latest models with the colours and innovations. We constantly follow the close and all the time. We at Keyfex have our fingers on the pulse for the latest trends on the market and this is done for you.